Thursday, April 9, 2009

Detroit PR Takes a Hit

It's a good news/ bad news day for the Detroit PR Guru.

You likely have been reading various negative takes on the Detroit environs as national media swoop in and decide in the course of one junket, "Yep, it's a dinosaur. Forget about it."

Today's Wall Street Journal has an Oakland County freelancer chiming in and, like our economy, it's not pretty. Says this writer, who managed to come up with the most singularly negative piece of journalism about "Detroit" (don't those of us who live in Southeast Michigan consider ourselves Detroiters?) within the context of reporting on Jay Leno's two free comedy shows in Auburn Hills:

“…Detroit has only receded further into its economic and social funk, solidifying its status as the poster child for American urban collapse.”

Huh? He took lemonade - not lemons - and made a grenade. Ouch! Let's hope potential investors in our state will expand their due diligence beyond the Wall Street Journal and include exploration into our water supply, human capital and arsenal of innovation.

Good News? It's personal, kind of. I have the distinction of submitting the most news content to the Detroit Regional Chamber's online news forum, in its first year of existence. Detroit may be a dinosaur to some, but if that were truly the case, how could I come up with mainly positive news content from Detroit area companies each week for the past 52 weeks?