Thursday, May 20, 2010

Press Conference Palooza

The secret to a successful press conference is to make sure it coincides with a planned visit by the Governor. Yes, Michigan Governor Granholm was in Auburn Hills today - and so were the majority of local media outlets. The event was threefold: the ceremonial groundbreaking for the new world headquarters of US Farathane, the rebirth of the 200+ acre Oakland Technology Park where US Farathane will soon be located, and the reminder to corporations near and far that Auburn Hills, the global business address - is open for business.

General Development purchased the land from Chrysler in early 2010 following the Chrysler bankruptcy. The land has been unavailable for development since 1995, but no longer. It's a new day in Auburn Hills. Using Auburn Hills fast track development approach, along with incentives at the state and local level, US Farathane broke ground in March on a project that first appeared before the Auburn Hills City Council in late January 2010.

As the 60+ attendees happily sweltered in today's 85 degree sun, the earth moved in Auburn Hills - with the assistance of about 10 earth movers. That's right folks, construction equipment was operational ( and not working on roads). Next up? Cranes in Auburn Hills. I'll alert the media.