Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy to be in the Good News Business

I tell my clients that the media like the following: new, first, controversial and trendy. Most potential stories have to fit into those categories to be deemed newsworthy. Mainly, I avoid the controversial category - unless one of my clients is offering expert advice or insights. Today, I'm in the good news business. Click the link to this story and find out why:

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Why So Dour?

As I write this, I am listening to Jim Hiller of Hiller's Market talk in a commercial on WWJ radio about his Hometown First program, noting that his markets purchase Michigan foods and products whenever possible. He adds that "we are all part of the solution" and comments on economic salvation (sorry - I recall the term but not the context.) I applaud Mr. Hiller's efforts to buy Michigan and offer some truly terrific grocery deals for us SE Michigan grocery shoppers. But why so dour, Mr. Hiller? He has a great message and he is showing that he is indeed part of the solution. At the same time, he sounds like he's delivering a death sentence to the state. Cheer up, Mr. Hiller. You are sharing a positive message - let your voice, energy and enthusiasm reflect that!

I fear Hiller's Market ad campaign is heading into the Beaumont doctor domain - the second I hear the now all too familiar gallows music, I switch the station. They are basically saying, if you don't have a Beaumont doctor - you will die!! Is it just me? I'm not a fan of the negative outcome advertising approach.

On a similar note, I heard the editor of the Detroit Free Press say a few weeks back to a crowd of PR professionals that "we are all in this together." I assume he meant to be encouraging, but he was dour. Geez, I can get down on the economy as well as the next guy or gal, but I don't recommend incorporating negative messaging into advertising and public relations opportunities.