Thursday, October 22, 2009

Women Executives Rock

An article in this week's Crain's Detroit Business highlights the recent findings that women are woefully under-represented on corporate boards and among Michigan's highly compensated executive ranks ( Hmm, can't help but wonder if more women are forgoing the big business route and doing their own thing.

I raise the question because of my current seven clients, three of the organizations are owned and/or led by women. A fourth, Plante & Moran, has always ranked highly on lists touting an impressive percentage of women partners among the nation's largest public accounting firms. I've always had a high percentage of women business owners as clients. Part of the reason is that other women often refer business to me. I can see any of my women clients heading up large organizations and serving on corporate boards, but speaking to the former, my guess is they wouldn't trade their current role for the hassles of the corporate world. That's not the point though. Do Michigan's largest companies know what type of dynamic talent they are missing? Or are they content to let good leaders slip away?