Friday, July 31, 2009

Passing on the Pope?

Should one pass on the Pope? Swimmer Michael Phelps did, or will, or might, in order to rest up for his next meet. If that's the case, it seems like a PR gaffe to me, or severe egomania, especially if it's true that the Pope is meeting with 100 swimmers. This could be a great teachable moment for the Pope, though. (Hmmm,our leaders are big on teachable moments these days...)Yes, he could be like the shepherd who, despite having nearly his whole flock present, goes to look for the one lost sheep. If he's looking for a wolf in sheep's clothing, here's a hint: he's the one wearing the Speedo.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Linked In and Liking It

I'm back in the fold with long-time client and former employer of 12 years, Plante & Moran ( I can't help but feel smarter because of the association. Why? As I've always said, Plante & Moran does a lot of things right. In helping them tell their stories, I am enriched by and engaged in a corporate culture that stresses putting the client first and offering staff the best professional experience, mentoring and training. Best of all, I learn right along with my P&M colleagues, who bring me up to date on the latest trends in corporate and HR strategies.

It's the latter that I've been working on recently,as I share the message that Plante & Moran has added Linkedin to its formal training program for practice staff. This brilliant idea was the brainchild of Chief Marketing Officer Jeff Antaya. Again, Plante & Moran is leading the way with its HR practices, this time on the web. Guess that's one of the reasons they have been on FORTUNE's 100 Best Places to Work List for the past 11 years.